From Grad To Lush Beauty Studio Beauty Crew

professional makeup school torontoAfter Grad, join Lush Beauty StudioCrew as a bridal artist to earn while you work as a freelancer on the side.

We cannot wait to have our honor roll students join our Beauty Crew! It’s a fantastic opportunity to get out into the field right away and have fun while you are at it! Our work reflects our culture. Fun, creative, sassy, modern and full of character and personality! At Lush Beauty Studio we are always building our team and inviting fresh new talent! The company is structured so that everyone, no matter your position or level of experience, can creatively contribute ideas, work and deliver fantastic results

Yes You Can!

Yes you can enter right into the work force as a Makeup Artist! Generally artists must work TFP or TFCD (trade for print – trade for cd of images). The goal is to build as much work as they can to showcase their skill sets and abilities so they can start earning money. This road can be lengthy and frustrating resulting in many grads giving up after investing thousands into their education. We can help you by pass that! You can earn while you build your portfolio! Enroll Now!

The Opportunity

A special opportunity to get right into the work field has been reserved for our honor roll students! If bridal is something you are interested in to kick start to Makeup Artistry career then this opportunity is for you. Once you graduate with a 90% or higher you are now eligible to join our talented team of artists shortly after graduation.

How To Get It

A special course has been designed for these select students which runs for 2 weeks to finalize your preparation to become a Lush Beauty Studio      Makeup Artist and or Makeup & Hair Artist. Once special course per service is required to be successfully completed before joining the Lush Beauty Crew.

About The Lush Team

Lush Beauty Studio is our Founding Company. Once you join you will learn and grow, and further enhance your skills as an artist. You will gain real industry experience, develop your etiquette skills and work with like minded peers.

While you work with Lush Beauty Studio you should continue to freelance and build your portfolio. We encourage you to get out there and find your place in the industry as there are so many ways you can go! Film, Fashion & Editorial! Work towards becoming a published artist! Or perhaps the thrill and rush of Runway is for you! Maybe theatre or maybe Bridal is it for you! Your position on the beauty crew will help you determine of bridal is for you. If you decide this is the route you want to go than you want to take our Bridal Business 101 course to ensure you are successful in your entrepreneurial venture.

While working on the beauty crew you can continue to utilize our other services like the Post Grad Mentouring or no cost booked time of our studio for portfolio development. Speak to the academy Director for more info on this.

This very exciting opportunity is just as exciting for us knowing we will train and hand pick our new crew![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]