The Purpose

Modern Makeup Academy is proud to offer their Professional Makeup Artistry graduates a 1 year no cost mentoring program that allows them to further develop their makeup artistry careers.

The program is opportunity rich and designed to ensure our students meet their career goals.

Most makeup school graduates struggle to find their place in the industry as there is at least 1 year of working TFP (trade for prints) or TFCD (trade for cd of prints). They collaborate with other new graduates from photography, design school, hair stylists, interior decorators and more. The goal is to build as much work as they can to showcase their skill sets and abilities to make them a bookable and paid artist. This road can be lengthy and frustrating resulting in many grads giving up after investing thousands into their education.

The Opportunity

After graduation the following opportunities are available to students
Jobs alerts & TFP alerts
Further Portfolio Development
Studio Usage
Shadowing of Lush Beauty & Bridals crew
Private career consulting sessions

How To Get It

You must have a 75% plus grade average or higher. Simply sign up for the mentorship program within 14 days after graduation. Speak to the academy director to register. This timeline is in place as we want to ensure only those very serious about their careers are provided this high quality opportunity from our faculty.